Groom Duties

The Comprehensive Rehearsal Dinner Checklist

Your Job

  • Introduce your guests to each other.
  • Thank the parents.
  • Give the groomsmen their presents.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Talk to all of your guests, not just your buddies.
  • Give a toast.
  • Practice your toast in advance.
  • Don’t get plastered.
  • Schmooze. You and the bride are the stars. You need to chat with all your guests.
  • Ensure that all the out-of-town guests have a way of getting there (Click here for more on transportation.)
  • Be gracious and thankful when others toast you, even if their toasts suck.
  • If you’re in a restaurant, make sure the default restaurant-music isn’t too loud.

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Even More Groom Duties