Gifts Your Groomsmen Will Take Into The Wilderness

Your groomsmen are rugged and resourceful. There’s no mountain they won’t cross, no trail they won’t blaze, no log they won’t chop and throw into the fire. Your duty as groom is to give them gifts that will help them in their backpacking, hiking, sledding, fly-fishing, and being brawny as a matter of principle.

Tactical Wallet and Multi-Tool

We’re not sure how a wallet can be “tactical,” other than being full of cash. But somehow this one manages it.

Compass and Thermometer Cufflinks

Should your groomsmen be washed away by a tidal wave, or swept off the altar by an avalanche, they’ll be able to orient themselves and find the warmest shelter with this stylish and practical accessories.

Monogrammed Tactical Knife

When the economy collapses, and your groomsmen are forced to live by their wits in a post-apocalyptic hellscape, they’ll use this knife to fight off the packs of ravaging dogs and think fondly of your wedding day.

Compact Camp Flask

When you haul off into the woods, you don’t want to be carrying any unnecessary weight or bulky items. The compact design of this flask will allow your groomsmen to enjoy an invigorating shot of their favorite beverage as they sit in front of the campfire.

SURVCO Credit Card Axe Multitool

Swiss army knives are for suckers. What your groomsmen need is this 21-function tool that fits in their back pocket and can transform into an ax, shovel, arrow, spear, saw, bottle opener, and more.

Outdoor Survival Crate

This might be the most manly thing on this list, as it comes in a crate that you pry open with a crowbar (provided). Inside is everything your groomsmen will need to survive in the wilderness, including instructions in the form of the Army Field Manual.

Pocket Fisherman

OK, this comes from Ronco–the “It slices! It dices!” people–but don’t let that turn you off. This actually is a cool gift–it allows anyone to cast a line at the spur of the moment, when the fancy strikes them.

Personalized Wood Grain Hammer Multi-Tool

Whether they’re building a lean-to in the forest or banging some nails into an IKEA cabinet, your groomsmen will thank you for this attractive multi-tool.