Groomsmen Gifts: Help Them Outfit Their Secret Lair

A lair (also known as a “man cave,” a “study,” “the basement”) can be many things: a respite from a demanding job, a place to relax and have some alone time, a place to hang out with friends. Whatever your groomsmen use their lair for, help them out with these gifts.

Crosley Nomad Turntable

While a full on vintage component stereo system would be our preference, not every groomsmen has room to set one up (nor do you have the money to buy 6 or more full-on stereos setups). This portable turntable has big sound in a small, lair-friendly package.

Amazon Echo Dot

You’re nobody in this damn town until you have your very own voice-controlled home assistant. This hands-free device lets your groomsmen play music, control lights, and be general badasses–with no more effort than it takes to snap out commands in their best Captain Kirk voices.

Atari Flashback 7

A good lair is all about games, and there are no games quite like classic Atari games (Asteroids, Space Invaders, Centipede, Frogger, Missile Command, etc.). Sometimes your groomsmen need to be 14 again, and blow off steam by blowing up 8-bit asteroids, or shooting down an incoming missile attack. Let’s help them do that, shall we?

Miniature Arcade Gaming Machine

Any gamer worth his salt reminisces fondly about the days of yore, and this handy little machine offers up 230 vintage titles at the touch of a button: Galaga, Ghost Adventures, and hours of bleepin’ bliss.

Fully Customizable Xbox Controller

Put the “joy” back in joysticks with this fully-customizable gadget for the Xbox. Not only can you choose different colors for every groomsman, you can have their names engraved on each for posterity’s sake.

Roku Streaming Stick

Let’s be real: no matter what kind of epic mancave intentions your buddies start out with, they’re going to spend most of their time in the lair watching Netflix and pigging out. Make it easy for them with the Roku Stick.


Need an easy way to document for posterity all the good times you have in your man cave? Spectacles make taking videos and pictures easy–plus your groomsmen have an excuse to wear their shades inside.

USB Cufflinks

Are your groomsmen constantly forgetting the dozens of gigs of data that they need on a regular basis? If so, these cufflinks are the perfect way to keep their important files with them at all times.

Star Trek Sushi Set

This just in from the Department Of Well-Adjusted Adults: Here’s a sushi set fashioned after the Starship Enterprise that’ll let your friends pretend they’re battling Klingons while munching California rolls.

Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

A lair needs a security system, and while this drone might not be the best security in the strictest sense of the term, it’s definitely the coolest.

Gramophone Phone Dock and Passive Amplifier

If you’re going to go retro with your phone amplifier, so really retro. This passive amplifier (no electricity required, evokes an old time Victrola horn–but provides a purely hi-fi sound.

Holho Smart 4Faces

Holograms: they’re cool as hell, and with the Holho 4Faces they can come from your groomsmen’s phones. Look, this might not be the most useful of gifts, but it’s pretty awesome.


This portable hologram generator lets your groomsmen get creative in all three dimensions. They can download holograms from the web or create their own, and view them from four different angles.