Take Them From Just Groomsmen To Renaissance Groomsmen

A true renaissance man is many things. Your groomsmen are probably not true renaissance men. But they could be, especially if you give them some encouragement and inspiration. Make your groomsmen into artists, cooks, architects, liquor connoisseurs, and much more with these awesome groomsmen gifts.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

A Polaroid camera bestows instant hipness, and while the Instax Mini 8 is not, technically, a Polaroid, it will still get your groomsmen the cred they deserve. Plus, you’ll get a bunch of cool candids of all the action going on around you.

How to Swear Around the World

Fuck learning how to order food or call for an ambulance in a foreign language: what you want those stupid bastards you call your groomsmen to learn, you God-damn shithead, is how to curse in a foreign language. Believe us, all those foreign motherfucking dickwads will respect the hell out of your dumb-ass groomsmen once they hear “Go fuck yourself” yelled in their own bullshit dialect.

Lego Architecture Kit

Maybe the idea of giving your groomsmen Lego sets seems weird to you, but think of it this way: once in their lives, getting a Lego set was the most exciting thing in the world. Don’t you want them to feel that way again?

Blood Oath Bourbon

A true renaissance man knows his way around a bottle of bourbon, and Blood Oath is some of the best out there, hands down. We swear it.

Kontstruktor 35mm Build-Your-Own Camera

In this digital age, shooting with film is cool. Even cooler? Building the camera with which you shoot with film. Even better, once they put their Konstrucktors together, they’re going to want to show it off at your wedding and take lots of photos. Free wedding photographs for you. Slick.

Internet of Things Coding Kit

If your buddies like the idea of a smart appliance, but want to program it themselves (to be sure it doesn’t have a “kill owners and take over the house” function), this kit will be just what they ordered. Easily converts any household device into a smart device.

Whiskey and Woodworking Crate

Booze and sharp tools: it’s a match made in emergency room heaven, but hopefully your groomsmen will exercise a little judgement as they work with their hands and drink with their mouths.

Mantry Box

Your groomsmen should be able to do more than make microwave meals and order takeout when they need to eat dinner. The Mantry Box will get them cooking.

The PortHole Whiskey Infuser

Although it has whiskey in the name, this infuser can be used to inject a little bit of extra flavor into whatever drink your groomsmen choose.

Signature Branding Iron

A branding iron is pretty old school–like 19th century old school–but it’s also kind of cool. Not for use on cows–or human for that matter–but great for leaving one’s mark on leather, wood or other natural surfaces.

Molecular Styling Kit

If your friends are a little past the Mantry Box level, this kit will propel them to new heights of culinary experimentation. Just don’t be surprised when they invite you over for deconstructed oyster leaf.

Monogrammed Apron

Once they’ve got the Mantry Box and their Molecular Styling Kit, your groomsmen are going to need a proper apron, and the least you can do is get it monogrammed for them.